Friday, September 24, 2010

"Tongues in My Mouth" Has Found a Publishing Home

On the 40th submission of my book manuscript to a first poetry book contest/poetry publisher (over the last three years), I received an e-mail message stating, "Main Street Rag is pleased to offer you publication if it is still available."

"If it was still available?', I yelled at my computer screen, "Heck, yes [or something close to that]! It is still available!"

Then, everything started moving into place.

Soon and very soon, I will post more information about my forthcoming poetry book Tongues in My Mouth (Main Street Rag Publishing, forthcoming Spring 2011). Right now, I am handling the "most be done" activities that are required to move the manuscript into book form. For example, the front cover is done and the back cover is in progress,  I would to give you a "peek" at the front cover, but I have a feeling that my editor is NOT ready for the world to see it yet

Great News: You will be able to pre-order Tongues in My Mouth as soon as it appears on Main Street Rag Publishing's "Coming Soon" page. Your pre-orders will be greatly appreciated as we begin to get out "the buzz" across the nation about Tongues in My Mouth: think YouTube video, post cards, lapel pins, flyers, tee-shirts, book bags, and so on. 

Oh, my. I am so happy; I cannot stop grinning!

Must get back to my "book work."  {Demetrice winks and nods her head}

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