Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Must READ: Poet John Murrillo's Lyrically Lucid Words: "Some Thoughts After Re-reading Hughes' 'I, Too, Sing America'"

Listen up people. You MUST read John Murillo's "Some Thoughts After Re-reading Hughes' 'I, Too, Sing America'" an answer" poem/essay/call on the Poetry Society of America's Website. Then, you must make copies of it and put them in your pocket. Pass them out on your local corners. Plaster them on you office doors, cubical walls, blogs, and newspaper editorial pages. And then, share them with your students so
                                     "they'll see how beautiful [we poets of color are]
                                     And be [informed] --
                                     [We], too [are] America[n poets.]”

                                                                         ~ "I, Too," Langston Hughes

Photograph by Rachel Eliza Griffiths

"John Murillo is the current Jay C. and Ruth Halls Poetry Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing. A graduate of New York University’s MFA program in creative writing, he has also received fellowships from the New York Times, Cave Canem, and the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. He is a two-time Larry Neal Writers’ Award winner and the inaugural Elma P. Stuckey Visiting Emerging Poet-in-Residence at Columbia College Chicago. His poetry has appeared in such publications as Callaloo, Court Green, Ploughshares, Ninth Letter, and the anthology Writing Self and Community: African-American Poetry After the Civil Rights Movement. Up Jump the Boogie is his first collection" (Quotation from Craig Santos Perez's, "Poet Spotlight: John Murillo" that appears on "Harriet: A Blog from the Poetry Foundation").

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