Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Buy a Book of Poetry a Month and Change Our World

What IF we each bought 6 NEW POETRY BOOKS by emerging and established POETS OF COLOR whose work we admire? What would happen? Would it change how we think? Would it change how we interact with others? What if we bought 6 MORE NEW POETRY BOOKS by POETS OF COLOR and DONATED them to our neighborhood library, community action agency, Urban League, and heaven forbid, our college/university? Would we change how a child/student thinks? Would we change how people interact with other people? Would it start a ripple that could change the world? Let’s all BUY ONE book a month by a POET OF COLOR and change the world. Ashé

Last month, August 2010, I pre-ordered and paid for Niki Heard's The Language of Shedding Skin, forthcoming, December 2010:

I only have 2 days left in this month to buy my next poetry book!

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