Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Debut Book of Poetry, Tongues in My Mouth, Release Date is March 2011!

With joy in my heart, I am happy to share with you that I now hold the galley pages for my debut poetry book, Tongues in My Mouth, in my hands (well, in a PDF file)! The book’s release is set for next month, March 2011.
Without the support of my FB fam, CC fam, immediate family members, relatives, friends (those friends I know and the ones I do ot know), and colleagues, this reality could have possibly never occurred. Ashé.

As promised, everyone who bought a copy of the book and sent me a copy of the receipt will receive a Tongues in My Mouth 12 month magnetic calendar within the next two weeks!

Thank you for your timely responses to my call for help. Thank you for making your dollars walk your talk. Thank you for believing in my poetry.

If you have not yet bought a copy of Tongues in My Mouth, it is available until March 1st for $9. After March 1st it is available for $14:

Yours in Poetry, Peace, & Light ~ Demetrice Anntía Worley

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