Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2009 Split This Rock Poetry Contest ~ Third Prize

My seven-part poem "Femincide/Fimicidio--The Murdered and Disappeared Women of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico" and I are clapping are hands and saying, "We believed. We believed. We believed." The poem placed third in the 2009 Split This Rock Poetry Contest! For placing third in the contest, I will receive $250, receive free registration for the four-day "2010 Split This Rock Festival: Poems of Provocation & Witness," Washington D.C., March 10-13, and have my poem posted on Split This Rock's Web site.

According to Split This Rock's Mission Statement:

Split This Rock believes that as citizens and artists, our obligation has never been greater. Our intent is twofold: To call poets to a greater role in public life and to bring the vital, important, challenging poetry of witness that is being written by American poets today to a larger and more diverse audience.

The goals of Split This Rock are:

1. To celebrate the poetry of witness and provocation being written, published, and performed in the United States today.

2. To call poets to a greater role in public life and to equip them with the tools they need to be effective advocates in their communities and in the nation.

Every poem has a home: on a page, in a literary journal, on a bus, in a writer's mind, on the Web, in a subway station or train car, in an anthology, on a billboard, on a broadside, or in a writer's notebook. I'm thrilled and humbled that "Femincide/Fimicidio ..." 's home is Split This Rock!

The poem will appear soon on the Split This Rock Web page:

Ashe. Ashe.

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